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Hi, my name is Kayley. I'm 25, and I love classic movies, tv shows, and music. Some of favorite actors and actresses include: Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, James Stewart, Greer Garson, Natalie Wood, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Harold Lloyd, Cary Grant, Robert Taylor, Robert Montgomery, Frank Sinatra, Ronald Colman, Robert Walker, and Fred Astaire. So that is a lot of what you'll see here. I am also a professional dancer, so you might see some dance stuff on here too.

My Legacy
"I think she was drunker than hell!" - words spoken about me by Jerry Lewis.

May 16, 2013 2:54 pm

So here’s my Martin and Lewis shirt that came in last week and a few of you asked to see. I love it so much! :D

  1. xluvjerry said: Nice design choice, K! LOVE it!
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    Waaaaant :(
  3. miyulivingdead said: awww LOVELY!
  4. deanmartiann said: Nice! I was debating on getting one like that just a different kind of shirt haha
  5. joyous2607 said: Fantastic!!
  6. cnrapha said: Nice! Where did you get this?
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